Illustration for Middle Earth
A million years ago I worked for a couple years doing displays at Middle Earth, one of the coolest stores in Ann Arbor. While I was attending the University of Michigan, I always admired the window displays at Middle Earth on South University, so when I graduated I took a shot at applying there. My cold call did not go so well; the owner told me to make an appointment, she was doing inventory. Some time later, there was actually a classified ad (in the printed Newspaper! the time before, so.... I made an appointment, showed my portfolio and got the job.

I worked there for 2 years, and it was great. I had all sorts of creative freedom doing a window a day, rotating through the 7 windows of various sizes and orientations. I also did interior merchandising and handyman stuff. I could tell a window was successful if the featured merchandise sold out quickly.... then I had to immediately create a new one.

MOST of my displays featured some sort of airbrushed and cut out figure, this followed the lead of my predecessor. One of my first windows was a bathroom scene to sell some of the many bath products available. I painted a woman in a bathtub, cut it out and laminated iridescent film over the bubbles, and a chrome foil on the faucet. I made her a talk balloon that read "excuse me! I'm trying to take a bath!" I even brought in a real porcelain toilet to complete the scene.

Bathtub woman cutout.
Batman was a very popular and reccuring theme for merchandise, and therefore WINDOWS...
so Batman at Middle Earth gets a whole webpage.
Batman Action cutout.
Boy at Pond Sketch
Pond Detail.
Four Wishes Window.
Alien with Ping-Pong Gun
An Ant Farmer (Peddling Ant Farms)
Cratchit & Scrooge Cut outs.
Caveman Window during the Art Fair.
"Your Portrait, 8 Bones." His tattoo: I (heart) Lucy.
On a "stone" table are primitive jewelry pieces and a copy of National Geographic featuring the discovery of the oldest hominid, Lucy.
Albert Einstein Window.
Featuring various quotes and formulas, and fun Einsteinian merchandise.
A fav quote: "Time and space..... intertwingle." ~ Peter Hansen
(my T.A. in physics at UofM)
Mom & Son cutouts.
(almost makes sense when seen in the context of the window)
Pirate Kite Window.
(One space with two large window panes)
Queen of Hearts & Alice cutouts .
Queen of Hearts & Alice Window.
Featuring inflatable heart-roses, a pink flamingo table, pink flamingo neon light
& pink flamingo mobile.
Overhead girl cutout.
< Hopscotch window.
Featuring retro toys:
Squirt guns, Bouncy balls, marbles, sidewalk chalk, jax, slinkies, trolls, sill putty, gumby...
Santa sleigh window sketch.
Santa sleigh cutout.
Santa sleigh window .
Featuring: Plush reindeer, various gifts in Santa's Middle Earth Sack & in the chimnies,
and night sky constellation shower curtains as a back drop.
Mick cutout for the "Too old to rock and roll, but too young to die" window.
Tall Chicken with rubber chicken beak mask.
Easter Island guys cutouts.
Astronaut Icecream Point of Purchase display.

Rhinosoars Design & Illustration, Jonathan b. Wright
©2006 Jonathan b. Wright, Rhinosoars Design & Illustration